When to Get Your Maserati Serviced

Car maintenance and repair has a time and a place. Taking care of your vehicle is a day-in and day-out job if you want your car to work at peak performance. You wouldn’t keep pushing yourself when you’re feeling out of whack, so don’t do the same to your car. Especially when it comes to sports cars like Maseratis, you need to stay attentive to its needs and Maserati service in Boston. Unlike other sports cars, Maseratis can be driven more frequently without depreciating it’s worth. Here are the best times of year to get your Maserati serviced.


New England winters are notorious. One day you’ll have temperatures in the low-50s and sun. The next you’ll wake up to three feet of snow and a layer of ice on top. There’s no telling what a New England winter can deliver, so you need to have your car ready for extreme weather. Bring your Maserati in for Maserati service in Boston to check the coolant system, tires, and brakes. Getting your Maserati serviced before the winter will give you peace of mind to make it through the cold months.


The harsh weather of winter can take its toll on your car. The snow and sleet can dull the paint job, and the dirt can get caked on the wheels. You may not even notice the damage until the snow melts, and the spring has arrived. That’s why you should get your Maserati serviced at the beginning of spring. With the spring comes flowers and wildlife. Let your Maserati bloom with the spring with Maserati service in Boston.


Every car is going to need repairs at some point. So much goes on under the hood when you drive your car. Due to the fast nature of sports cars, their engines and transmissions get a good workout every time you take to the freeway. So when your Maserati starts to show the signs of a well-used vehicle and needs repairs, get to your local exotic car repair.


Taking care of your vehicle is a year-round job. For Maserati service in Boston, contact Tony Ferrari at 774.226.5844 or visit him online today.