3 Common Issues Found On The Ferrari F430

If you own a Ferrari F430, then you know that it’s a fun car to drive around the track and on the street! Even though the Ferrari F430 is an improvement of the Ferrari 360 model, these cars come with a lot of TLC and maintenance you need to be aware of.

Are you familiar with some of the most common Ferrari repair issues found on this beautiful car? Take a look at this list below to find out!

Failing Motor Mounts

Unfortunately, the motor mounts of the Ferrari F430 are known to fail regularly. If you feel vibrations from the engine bay and see the engine moving around more than usual, there is a good chance the motor mounts have failed. Since the motor mounts are made out of rubber, the high temperatures in the engine bay combined with the vibration of such a powerful engine cause the motor mounts to fail.

Cracking Exhaust Manifolds & Exhaust Brackets

Many F430 owners will most likely experience problems with their Exhaust Manifolds or Exhaust Brackets at some point. There is a known design flaw with the F430 manifold where cracking occurs. This is because of the extreme heat that the exhaust gives off while the exhaust system expands and contracts.

Because of the car’s solid exhaust mounting brackets and the constant heating and cooling cycle, stress is placed on the brackets and exhaust manifolds. Eventually, the exhaust support brackets crack and cause rattling sounds. When the exhaust manifolds do crack, it can create the severe problem because the exhaust manifolds have a pre-cat in them that can break in, making their way into the engine. Cracked manifolds can be a very costly repair because it can cause catastrophic engine failure.

Failing F1 Transmission Systems

The F1 system is a very complex transmission system. Some owners have reported such issues as dropping out of gear or skipping gears. Excess air can cause these issues in the system or such things as F1 pump failure.

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