Top 4 Details of the Ferrari Portofino

Over the last 25 years, the Ferrari brand and its audience have changed how they perceive cars. From the California T to the new and improved Portofino, the luxury car brand continues to make strides in the automotive industry. With their latest creation, the Ferrari Portofino has raised the bar in what people expect from a luxury car in the present day. Everything you love about Ferrari like the power-to-weight ratio, studied aerodynamics and Ferrari service in Massachusetts are still there. However, the Portofino is so much more with these fantastic features.

Cast-In Turbo Cases

After more pedestrian cars started casting their exhaust into the cylinder head, Ferrari took not and upped their game. They brought equality to a science by creating exhaust headers of equal length with staggered cylinders. These feed two scrolls on the turbo turbine to keep the exhaust pulses precisely the same. With up-to-date technology in their cars, there will be up-to-date Ferrari service in Massachusetts.

Passenger Video Display

Nowadays you can find video display technology in almost any brand of car. Ferrari is no different. They’ve installed a passenger video display even larger than the former model. This displays can show two different sets of data and split between the two.

Magnesium Seat Frames

Using magnesium for automotive applications isn’t new. It’s popped up here and there since post-war 1950s. The problem always surrounded the price of magnesium outweighing the amount of aluminum by $4 per pound. Ferrari found a way to balance the cost and shed 53 pounds from the California T by using magnesium for the seat frames.

Front Fender Vents

The introduction of front fender vents isn’t just to appeal to the aesthetics of the vehicle. In fact, they’re part of a particularly smart aero solution. With these vents, the front brake cooling systems have improved while lowering the drag experienced.

Ferrari has always been at the forefront of invention in the luxury automotive industry. There’s little doubt that they’ve made strides in upping the ante with each new model they produce. With the Ferrari Portofino, all doubt is removed. With new features like these, Ferrari has cemented itself as one of the best luxury brands on the market. For Ferrari service in Massachusetts, contact Tony Ferrari at 800-678-8224 or visit us online.