The Difference Between a Sports Car, Supercar, and Hypercar

There are cars, and then there are performance cars. You’ve heard the terms before: sports car, supercar, hypercar. They have a ring to them that declare a posh and luxurious driving experience. Just the names emphasize their power over your standard minivan. Still, outside of hearing the words, not many people can define what separates these factors of performance vehicles. These cars have different needs and benefits from speed to Ferrari service in MA. Here is a breakdown of the three performance cars.

Sports Car

Sports cars are the least luxurious of the luxury performance cars. That’s not to say they aren’t a quality ride, of course. Sports cars don’t have the horsepower of supercars and hypercars. It’s an intentional choice so as not to compromise their tactility while driving. Compared to other performance vehicles, sports cars have the widest variety as nearly every car brand has a sports car available.


Supercars live for the drama of it all. Their power is represented in their speed, but also in their technology. Because of this, supercars cost more. Supercars are harder to handle due to their 500+ horsepower. While they aren’t as usable in everyday life as sports cars, the prestige of owning one is worth it. Be sure to get your supercar and Ferrari service in MA from somebody who knows what they’re doing to protect your investment.


These cars are not for just anybody. They are so powerful and technologically advanced that they need a professional to drive them. Their speeds are so superior that they shouldn’t be driven on public roads. You need a trained and gentle touch for these vehicles.

Sports cars, supercars, and hypercars are luxurious performance vehicles that aren’t for just anybody. For performance car maintenance and Ferrari service in MA, come to Tony Ferrari. Contact Tony Ferrari at 774-226-5844 or visit him online.