Common Service Requirements Of Your Ferrari

Did you know most roadside breakdowns are preventable with regular service? Nothing can be as embarrassing as breaking down in an exotic car. Imagine standing on the side of the road as cars pass honking and taking pictures. Having your Ferrari serviced will prevent major problems down the road by catching issues early. Otherwise Ferrari repair can become a significant problem. In New England, people recommend that you bring in your Ferrari for a yearly service and every five years or 30,000 miles for a major service.

What Is A Yearly Service?

A yearly service of your Ferrari should occur at the beginning of the season. This service includes changing the oil, flushing the brake fluid, system check and a safety check. They are all critical for not just the reliability of the vehicle but also your safety. You will leave the shop knowing your car has been looked over by a factory trained Ferrari repair technician. Many times potential issues are caught before they can become a problem. It also allows you the time to plan for future repairs. The last thing you want is to miss a car show or break down on a beautiful Sunday drive.

What Is a Major Service?  

A major service is recommended every five years or 30,000 miles because it can prevent even more expensive Ferrari repair in the future. It also keeps the resale value up of your Ferrari and ensures that you experience a continued performance of the car. A major service typically includes replacing all belts, changing all filters, replacing spark plugs, replacing timing belts, replacing belt tensioners, replacing camshaft seals, adjusting valve clearances and much more.


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