Can You Drive a Maserati Year-Round?

The assumption stands that sports cars can’t be driven every day of the year because its value will depreciate. This is a sad fact that sports car drivers have to live with when they invest. It is especially true in areas like New England that have extreme weather of every kind. While brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini may not be made for everyday use, Maseratis have more versatility to them. Ask your local certified Maserati repair tech what sets Maseratis apart from the rest when it comes to year-round driving.


Maserati’s Q4 range was designed with practicality in mind. Their Q4 range includes the Ghibli, Quattroporte, and Levante SUV. While they still have the chic elegance of a sports car, they come with enough space to accommodate your daily life. This includes four-door options and more trunk space so you can use your sports car for errands like grocery shopping or running the kids to soccer practice.


The most important features any car can have are their safety features. Due to the streamlined design of sports cars, safety isn’t what people associate with these vehicles. Maserati wants to change that. Their Q4 range is designed to handle well in any weather. With a New England winter coming, safety features like Maseratis front-facing camera, traffic sign assist, and veer-preventative capabilities will come in handy.


The Q4 range from Maserati is the best way to get practicality without compromising style. Driving a sports car is a status symbol, and drivers don’t want to give up that status as their life starts to require more from their vehicles. Nearly all Maserati interiors are designed with the driver in mind to meet their specifications. The interior makes the Maserati comfortable, while the outside makes your vehicle eye-catching and durable.

Investing money into a sports car can become questionable when you only drive the car for a portion of the year. Maserati has solved that problem with their Q4 range of sports cars. With their practicality, safety, and style, you won’t find a better sports car for everyday use. For a certified Maserati repair tech, contact Tony Ferrari at 774.226.5844 or visit him online.