4 Things You Must Know About Carbon Ceramic Brakes

If you own a modern Ferrari or Lamborghini, your car most likely contains carbon ceramic brakes. Carbon ceramic brakes were a development from the aerospace industry that eventually found their way into the automotive industry. These brakes are a significant upgrade over conventional steel brakes. The most significant advantage of carbon ceramic brakes is the heat dissipating qualities of them. Here are some things to consider about carbon ceramic brakes.

They Save Weight

On high-performance exotic cars every single pound of weight counts. 100Lbs of weight savings can equal a gain of about 1HP. With carbon ceramic brakes being 50% lighter than conventional steel brakes the weight savings can add rather quickly.

Carbon Ceramic Rotors Won’t Warp

Since these brakes can handle so much heat, they are much less prone to warping than their steel counterparts.

Carbon Ceramic Brakes Last Longer

Because of the improved heat dissipating qualities of these brakes, they last much longer than conventional brakes because they are less resistant to brake fade. In turn, this means a much longer rotor life as possible as much as  80,000 miles! This longer life comes at a cost though, when the time comes to replace the brake rotors you will end up paying significantly more for replacement. Carbon ceramic rotors are almost also corrosion resistant to salt and water that would destroy regular brake rotors.

They Feel Funny When Cold

Carbon Ceramic brakes may feel spongy when cold to some drivers. This feeling on the brake will change once the brakes are up to suitable operating temperature.


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