Why You Need a Pre-Purchase Inspection

Before purchasing any exotic car sight unseen, it is always smart to get a pre-purchase inspection (PPI) done. Generally, the buyer will pay an independent specialist to look over the exotic car before handing over your hard earned money to the seller. Below are a few essential items that the pre-purchase inspection should cover on your dream car.

Safety Inspection

To ensure safe operation of the vehicle, all of the following safety areas should get checked by an experienced and trained technician:

  • Rims & Tires – Check tire life and rim condition.
  • Brakes – Check brake life to avoid costly repairs.
  • Steering – Make sure everything is in excellent condition.
  • Suspension – Make sure the vehicle will handle safely.
  • Air Bag & Restraint Systems – Make sure they have not been disabled or need repair.

Body Condition Inspection

Many times, car photos that are uploaded online can be quite deceiving. Because of this, it’s vital that the body condition is looked over thoroughly before  for the following things before purchasing:

  • Evidence of Prior Collision – It’s typical for damage not to get repaired through insurance.
  • Poorly Aligned Body Panel Gaps – This is another sign of prior collision damage.
  • Paint Chips – Chipped paint brings down look of the car.
  • Mismatched Paint Touchups – Uncovering evidence of previous bodywork.
  • Yellowed Or Damaged Clear Paint Protection Film – This will be costly to replace.
  • Check VIN for Vehicle History – Using this tool to see if any prior accidents or claims exist.

Mechanical Condition

A thorough PPI will also cover the mechanical condition of the car by looking at the following:

  • Evidence of Odometer Tampering – High mileage can bring down value.
  • Oil, Transmission & Other Fluid Leaks – Discovering potential repair needs.
  • Clutch Life Snapshot – This helps avoid a costly service.
  • Former Service History – Seeing how well maintained the car is can prevent potential repairs in the future.

Having a Pre-Purchase Inspection gives the buyer the ability to negotiate price on the vehicle by giving them the details often missed online. If you need a PPI, then feel free to give us a call at 774-226-5844.